Hello Fresh meal kits

Note: I wrote this in MARCH when we first subscribed to Hello Fresh…but then I forgot to post it! I’ve written an update at the bottom.

She says:
We subscribe to Love with Food, which is really fun. For $14 each month you get a little box full of all-natural goodies. We’ve gotten fun things like cassava chips, taco seasoning, maple walnut fudge, and rosemary and pink sea salt shortbread. We even got a really nice tote bag one month!
tote bag

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Fly Bar & Restaurant (Tampa)

Fly Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Day of the Week: Saturday, 7/26
Total Bill: $156.64 (before tip)
Breakdown: 8 small plates, 2 desserts, 5 cocktails
Pros: Chill vibe, friendly service, unique food.
Cons: Uncomfortable bar stools, parking.
Verdict: Definitely going back.

She says:
I was bugging Hubby to take me out this particular night but I was being very indecisive about where I wanted to go. I didn’t want to go anywhere too fancy or too loud or too crowded. I was driving him crazy so finally he fooled around on the iPad for a while and told me to get dressed but didn’t tell me where we were going.

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Seasons 52 Mini Indulgences Preview (Tampa)

Seasons 52 on Urbanspoon

She says:

Hubby and I got an invitation from Seasons 52 to preview their new mini indulgences on Monday, April 28.* I had a final exam that night but it ended by 7:30. The problem was Hubby was working. So they let me bring my mom instead! She loves that place anyway.

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Disney recap

She says:
Hubby and I went to Orlando the weekend February 7th to visit with his parents and go to Disney World. I think a recap post will be worthwhile because we tried lots of new things (not just food-wise) that might be of interest.

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North Pinellas brewery tour

She says:
Saturday, February 22, we did a brewery tour of northern Pinellas County with three of our friends. We had a real blast.

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Cruise recap

The foodies went on a New Year’s cruise. We have recapped some highlights here.

Dates: Saturday, December 28, 2013 to Saturday, January 4, 2014
Cruise Line: Celebrity
Ship: Reflection

She says:
Many years ago my husband went on a New Year’s cruise with his parents. They always speak very highly of the experience, so several times I asked, why don’t we do that? Last year I finally talked everyone into it and we went on a Carnival cruise that was really, really bad. We tried to have fun (several friends went with us) and enjoy not being at work but the food was awful, the ship was tacky, dirty, and poorly maintained, the bars sucked, and the crew was surly. We were standing on our balcony in port and across the dock I saw a beautiful ship with REAL GRASS on the top deck. I said to my husband, “We should be on that ship.” It was a Celebrity ship (likely the Reflection). Within two weeks of getting back last year, we had booked this year’s cruise.

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Valentine’s Day, Dinner Done! style (Tampa)

She says:
Just wanted to write a quick post about our fabulous Valentine’s Day at home, thanks to Dinner Done!. Dinner Done! is one of those places where each month they have a menu of about 15 items that you prepare at their location and freeze for later. They also offer to-go items and limited delivery. For holidays they run specials. For instance, for Thanksgiving they have something called Everything But the Turkey, where all you have to do is make the turkey. You buy all of your sides and desserts pre-assembled and ready to cook. For Valentine’s Day they offer pre-assembled meals ready to cook and we think it really beats the pants off going out.

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