Season’s Cafe & Bakery (Pinellas Park)

Day of the Week: Thursday, 8/30
Total Bill: $35
Breakdown: 3 banh mi (sandwiches), 2 drinks, 1 shaved ice, 1 coffee roll, 5 macarons
Pros: fresh food, great selection, spotless
Cons: Did you notice that it’s in Pinellas Park?
Verdict: We’ll eat there any and every chance we get.

She says:
Season’s Cafe and Bakery is one of the most unique restaurants I’ve ever patronized. The savory food is Vietnamese but their bakery prepares both Asian and western favorites. Their specialty cakes are beautiful. Season’s has a selection of sandwiches, some other Vietnamese favorites (pho, bun, spring rolls, etc.), various shaved ices, and a large selection of boba and milk teas. They also sell Asian snacks, candies, and tea.

Husband goes there often because he has to spend a lot of time in the Park but I had never been before last night, although Hubby had brought food home before. I was immediately impressed by how clean Season’s is. Then I saw their grill outside. They use an actual outdoor grill to cook their meat on! So you know all the food there is really fresh.

I had the roast pork banh mi. The roast pork is baked with a glaze on it that makes it a little sweet. Season’s loads up their sandwiches with shredded carrot and radish, a sprig of cilantro, and sliced jalapenos. The jalapenos add the perfect amount of heat for me (but they have seeds, so be careful if you don’t like spicy food!). I got a coffee roll to take home for the family to share and it’s delicious. It’s basically a spongy coffee-flavored cake grilled and rolled into a long tube with a little cream in the middle. The coffee roll is not very sweet, which gets points from me, but the girl who was working told me the vanilla roll is much sweeter if that’s your thing. We also got some macarons to try but we weren’t a fan of those. They were too sweet and the filling and cookies were chewy. (A macaron should have a soft filling and a slightly crunchy cookie on the outside that’s soft in the middle.)

A friend of ours met us there for dinner and had an avocado boba tea. I was totally grossed out by the idea but if you like avocados you MUST try this! It tastes like avocado but it’s sweet. He said it’s the best avocado boba tea he’s had and he’s had them several places.

Overall, I absolutely adore this place and can’t wait to go back!

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About the couple: We are thirtysomethings. We’ve known each other since 2001 when we were in college together and we got married in 2009. About the wife: She’s been an accountant since 2004 and loves numbers maybe a little too much. She eats and cooks and bakes and drinks and constantly has to watch her weight because of it. About the husband: He’s a government employee… for 9 years… he likes nice people who don’t talk too much and FOOD!!! He’s a fatty who loves beer, wine and clear spirits. He likes to cook, usually stuff that is too hard for him but usually turns out well. he tries to watch his weight as it goes by at the speed of light but can’t seem to see it… oh and he loves the Wifey. she rocks.
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