A quick word about commenting

A comment published on the Ted Peter’s post yesterday has attracted a lot of replies. Unfortunately, I have not been able to approve any of them because they violate our comment rule against ad hominem attacks. I wish I could approve them since they defend me but the rules are the rules, and while this blog is not a democracy, it is governed by the rule of (our) law.

Just so everyone knows what the rules are, I will post them here (they are also on our About the Foodies page):
Be nice. Absolutely NO ad hominem attacks against the bloggers or other commenters. This is supposed to be fun and informative. If you make it not fun, your comment WILL NOT get approved.

To everyone who defended me, I truly appreciate the support.

About twofoodiesinlove

About the couple: We are thirtysomethings. We’ve known each other since 2001 when we were in college together and we got married in 2009. About the wife: She’s been an accountant since 2004 and loves numbers maybe a little too much. She eats and cooks and bakes and drinks and constantly has to watch her weight because of it. About the husband: He’s a government employee… for 9 years… he likes nice people who don’t talk too much and FOOD!!! He’s a fatty who loves beer, wine and clear spirits. He likes to cook, usually stuff that is too hard for him but usually turns out well. he tries to watch his weight as it goes by at the speed of light but can’t seem to see it… oh and he loves the Wifey. she rocks.
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