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Day of the week: Friday, 9/28
Total bill: $54
Breakdown: 2 ostrich burgers, 1 BLT, 1 pumpkin butter brie sandwich, 3 orders of fries (Hawaiian purple potato, sweet potato souffle, and bacon, blue cheese, and sriracha), 1 bacon doughnut sandwich, 1 side of boar bacon

She says:
I get bored eating the same thing all the time. Even eating the same foods prepared differently can bore me. I think, haven’t we discovered potatoes on Mars yet? Surely those must be different. So when I find a truly novel food purveyor (which, admittedly, is rare), I am super excited. But even novelty can get old, which is why Not Your Ordinary Food Truck is even more impressive.

NYOFT is not novelty for novelty’s sake – the owner truly loves food and wants his food to be the best it can be. He told me he’s always eaten just about anything and I think he wants people to step outside their comfort zone a little. Thinking about this food truck, though, it really makes me question why some foods are okay and others are taboo. Food laws, whether codified or informal, are ancient and deeply ingrained in us, both through religion and culture.

Enough philosophizing – on to the food! First of all, this particular night, NYOFT was at Cigar City Brewing, which is several miles from our house. When we got to CCB we went inside and bought a few small growlers, then went outside to order our food – and they were closing up! But when the owner found out we’d driven all the way down there just for them (we got the growlers because we were there for the food, not the other way around), he had the chef turn the grill back on and let us order. We were so touched. So we made it worth their while.

Hubby got the ostrich burger (two of them, actually – $8, all prices estimated based on our recollections and the total). O M G it was AMAZING. Hubby doesn’t eat beef, and he’s never tried bison, so he has no idea how much ostrich tastes like a cross of those two things. Next time we go to NYOFT I will definitely consider the ostrich. My BLT ($7) was amazing for one simple reason: tomato butter. Imagine apple butter, but saltier and made with tomatoes instead of apples. How did they come up with that?!

The side of boar bacon ($2) was really cool because it tastes a lot like pig bacon but with a noticeably heartier texture and a slightly more pungent flavor. All three varieties of fries ($6 each) were extraordinary, especially the blue cheese, bacon, and sriracha fries. They were salty and creamy and spicy all at once.

For me, though, the pièce de résistance was the doughnut bacon sandwich ($5). It was a Krispy Kreme doughnut, grilled, and sliced in half, filled with bacon slices. I love sweet and salty things together and this is the king of all sweet-and-salty combos. If I wasn’t afraid of dying seriously prematurely, I would eat one every single day of my life.

This was our second NYOFT experience, the first one being about two months ago near our house. Everything we got was excellent but the reason it stands out so clearly in my mind is that I had a kangaroo burger. I can’t give you any details but I can tell you it was delicious and kangaroo is my new obsession. (My family is horrified I would eat something so cute, which they are, but I asked them what makes a kangaroo more worthy than a cow. Everyone mumbled excuses. Except for Hubby, who hasn’t eaten cows in 20 years and has a really strong moral leg to stand on.)

If you see NYOFT around, check it out. Maybe you’ll try the python on a stick. Or some kangaroo. If you were ever going to try something exotic, this is the place to do it at.

He says:
This place is awesome! The coolest, craziest food, and the owner is the most polite, informative, and personable guy I’ve met in a long time.

Best thing about this is that everything comes with a side of bacon. If you order bacon, it seems like it comes with a side of bacon…. Yeah. So fatty (me) loves that!

I ordered two ostrich burgers, pumpkin brie Sammy, Hawaiian purple potato fries, sriracha blue cheese and bacon fries, sweet potato fries, and a side of boar bacon. I ate it all. Well I split the pumpkin brie sammy and all the fires with the wifey. Oh, and we also split a Krispy Kreme bacon sandwich for dessert.

The ostrich burger has goat cheese, two slices of heirloom tomatoes and a leaf of lettuce on it. The bun is a thick white bread and it was good. This is the best burger I’ve ever had! The meat was sooooo amazingly lean and flavorful. This is my new favorite thing and I’ve been craving it since I ate those two. It was seasoned well and done to perfection. I would eat it every day if I could.

The pumpkin brie sammy was awesome! It had three slices of triple cream brie covered with a pumpkin butter. DANG! The pumpkin butter is from Pennsylvania and it was gooooooooood. The only complaint was that there was a little too much bread.

The Hawaiian purple potato fries were wonderful. The best part about all of their fries is that they take these potatoes and cut them into these huge long chunks! So they are nice and meaty. These were seasoned with a salty spice and had just the right combination of savory from the seasoning and sweet from the potato.

We also had the sweet potato fries. They were also great. They had a salty and sweet seasoning on them that made them like a savory dessert and went great with the burger.

The best fries though are the bacon, sriracha and blue cheese fries! Holy shit were these good. Spicy from the sriracha, tangy from the blue cheese and salty from the bacon! These fries are insane and the best fries I’ve ever had!!! I am absolutely amazed at the combination that was put together and that I’ve never tried it myself.

The dessert, well sorta. A big thick Krispy Kreme donut, cut in half with a ton of bacon in it. There were two slices of regular bacon and 8 slices of boar bacon. The combination of the sweetest donut in the world with the salty boar bacon was crazy. I know this probably took five years off of my life, but I want another one. The donut was not too sweet anymore and the bacon complimented it extremely well. I can’t believe how good it was. The wifey picked this one out.

There was nothing that I did not like and I am now a NYOFT groupie. I would definitely drive all over to get this food. I loved every bite and want more more more!


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About the couple: We are thirtysomethings. We’ve known each other since 2001 when we were in college together and we got married in 2009. About the wife: She’s been an accountant since 2004 and loves numbers maybe a little too much. She eats and cooks and bakes and drinks and constantly has to watch her weight because of it. About the husband: He’s a government employee… for 9 years… he likes nice people who don’t talk too much and FOOD!!! He’s a fatty who loves beer, wine and clear spirits. He likes to cook, usually stuff that is too hard for him but usually turns out well. he tries to watch his weight as it goes by at the speed of light but can’t seem to see it… oh and he loves the Wifey. she rocks.
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