Seasons 52 Mini Indulgences Preview (Tampa)

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She says:

Hubby and I got an invitation from Seasons 52 to preview their new mini indulgences on Monday, April 28.* I had a final exam that night but it ended by 7:30. The problem was Hubby was working. So they let me bring my mom instead! She loves that place anyway.

The preview was really well done. We got to pick a flatbread to share (choice of blackened steak & blue cheese, roasted Roma tomato, grilled garlic pesto chicken, or artichoke & goat cheese), which would be accompanied by a wine flight selected by our server, then we would get to try all of the mini indulgences with a dessert wine flight.

We selected the grilled garlic pesto chicken flatbread. Our fantastic server, Spencer, paired our flatbread with Honig sauvignon blanc, King Estate pinot gris, and Chehalem INOX chardonnay. The flatbread was really good. The garlic was not overpowering at all. Out of the wines, the Honig was Mom’s favorite, so if you’re not a big drinker, I’d say that’s a safe choice (Mom doesn’t drink much AT ALL). Spencer told us that Honig means “honey” in German, a nod to the winemakers’ German heritage. I got lots of green apple from this one. The King Estate was good, although not memorable. Spencer told us that pinot grigio is specifically from Italy and from anywhere else it’s called pinot gris but the grapes are the same – I always wondered what the difference is. The King Estate had a lot of pear and mineral to it. The Chelahem was definitely one of my favorite chardonnays because it’s unoaked. It was smooth and buttery. I was impressed with the wine selections.

Flatbread and wines

Flatbread and wines

Then they brought out ALL of the mini indulgences. It was a little daunting but we gave it our best! The manager described the mini indulgences as improved and elevated, not necessarily new and different (although they do have a rotating seasonal indulgence now). We agreed with that. Thoughts on each:

Blueberries with lemon curd and Chantilly cream – Summer in a glass. Really hard to stop eating it. This will rotate seasonally.
Chocolate peanut butter torte – Topped with a peanut crostini and peanuts. Like a Reese’s cup. The whole peanuts gave it crunch and saltiness. Excellent addition.
Belgian chocolate s’more – This was the rocky road indulgence but they refreshed it. Topped with a chocolate-dipped graham cracker and a toasted marshmallow. Very rich. If you’re a chocolate lover, this is for you!
Butterscotch budino with salted caramel and black sea salt – Excellent. Mom said, “I love butterscotch and that’s about the best. The custard is so smooth.”
Key lime meringue pie – Appropriately tart. Mom said, “So many key lime things are sour but this is smooth. Blends so well with the meringue”. The meringue was excellent. Toasted perfectly.
Pecan pie with vanilla bean mousse – This is another oldie but goodie that got a refresh. We liked the old one but the mousse really adds something. Mom said, “I love this and I’m southern, y’all.” (She makes amazing pecan pie.)
Carrot cake with cinnamon honey – Topped with a candied carrot! I don’t like carrot cake but this was SO GOOD I would probably get it the next time I go. The carrot was candied with the cinnamon honey and it was awesome. We really loved it.
Mocha macchiato – Described to us as an inside out cappuccino, which was very apt. If you’re a coffee lover, this is your dessert.
Raspberry chocolate chip cannoli – I love cannoli and this did not disappoint. Very creamy and smooth. The cannoli shell garnish was perfect.

From L-R: mocha macchiato, s'more (partially obscured), cannoli, pecan pie, butterscotch budino, chocolate peanut butter torte, bluberries with lemon curd, carrot cake, and key lime pie.

From L-R: mocha macchiato, s’more (partially obscured), cannoli, pecan pie, butterscotch budino, chocolate peanut butter torte, bluberries with lemon curd, carrot cake, and key lime pie.

Our wine flight consisted of Warre Otima 10 year Tawny Port from Portugal, Selbach-Oster Riesling Auslese from Germany, and Jam Jar Sweet White Blend from South Africa. The Port was good, very typical. I would pair that with the chocolate peanut butter torte, the s’more, the pecan pie, and the mocha macchiato. The Riesling was really delicious, fruity but with a white chocolate note. The blend was very fruity. Either of the whites would pair well with the fruity indulgences. I would choose the Riesling with the butterscotch budino.

Dessert wine flight. Full pours, too.

Dessert wine flight. Full pours, too.

We really enjoyed trying out the new indulgences and getting some mom/daughter time in. Thanks to everyone at the Tampa Seasons 52!

*The Mini Indulgences Preview event was by invitation only and was free for invitees. I accepted the invitation because I’m a longtime Seasons 52 fan and felt confident I could honestly give a positive review of the experience. This is only my opinion but it is MY opinion, not that of Seasons 52.

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